Vhaidra Uoswir (vhaidrauoswir) wrote,
Vhaidra Uoswir

Nativity of the Buddha, Nativity of the Christ

Taken from http://ecumenicalbuddhism.blogspot.com/2008/01/nativity-of-buddha-nativity-of-christ.html

Some interpretations of the life story of the Buddha attribute his birth to a virgin birth. This is likely due to a specific interpretation of the prophetic dream Queen Māyā is said to have had prior to conception and is not a widely held view amongst Buddhists. As she is described to have been married to King Śuddhodhana for many years, there is no indication that she would have been a virgin at the time of Siddhārtha's conception. Nonetheless, this interpretation has led to parallels being drawn with the birth story of Jesus. [more…]

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